Quick ads are one line ads with a link back to your email or website.
They look like this:
  Quick Links
Fred Hunt Art
Plaza Venetia Condo Sale
Jorge's Pet Sitting

Neat Knots

Hint for linking: If you don't have your own webpage to link to, place an ad on and just link to that. For instance, if you are selling puppies,
you can put an ad on Craigslist or Kijiji with photos, etc. And then we can link to that. We'll get you more hits since people will see your ad on the Grapevine
and you'll reach people who were not necessarily looking for things on Craigslist or Kijiji. Hey, we don't care if you link your MySpace page. We'll link it all!

Cost is

$10.00 - One Week  |   $18.00 - Two Weeks  |   $27.00 - Three Weeks  |   $34.00 - Four Weeks
Want to run it longer? It is $34.00 per month, just change the quantity in the shopping cart after choosing the 4 week quantity below. These ads are meant for
people having a garage sale, selling a dog, a car, etc. They are meant for short runs. We don't recommend going over 3 months at a time.

It's easy. Just chose the Ad Duration and pay at the invoice on the next page. You may use Paypal or any major credit card.
Code 33 Does not apply to Quick Ads.


Ad Duration

30 letters and spaces total for the ad link that will show on page.

Ad link will read

Website or Email it links to

The biz name is what shows on the page
The website or email is where the link goes to when people click on the name of biz.



This email address is not part of the ad. It is just for us in case
we need to reach you with a question about the ad.