Why should you advertise in the Grapevine?

Here is just one reason. Everyone reads us check out this letter!

I wanted to say thanks for those pics last week. There's a Fitness
Magazine form Palm Beach that saw your post and is interested in writing
about our boot camp. They will be there tomorrow. Also the Marriott
wants to be involved I didn't know the voice of the Grapevine was so
POWERFUL. Again thank you

Your partner in health,
Tony Vasquez
Club Manager | Coconut Grove
24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc.

It's the only way to get your story, event or party seen on a daily basis and by everyone!
We are read by thousands of people a day, your neighbors, friends and many tourists.

Your customers are reading us daily. Why not reach them through us?

Basically, it's like this -- many people click in to read the Grapevine through various
other means, like Google, or other websites or newspapers and they don't see every
story or event listing.

For instance, this Burn Notice story is ready almost every single day and people click
in from Google searches or the USA Network website and even Bruce Campbell,
the star's website. So they see the story like this: It was a block party, not a Burn Notice shoot

As you can see, if you clicked on the story, that only that story comes up, not every Grapevine story
and unless people click on the link to see all of the stories, they'll only read that one story, but what
is interesting about that is that all the ads come up and are seen, even for that one story. This is
the case with all stories that are linked from other sources. Your ad will be seen every time.

So if we did a story on your business or event even today, it may not be seen by everyone. It will
be seen daily though by people that click in from other sources to ready various stories and not
the whole blog. Does this make sense?

If it's a story about Snow Days for instance, unless people read the story we post on Snow Days,
they won't know about it, but if an ad is running for Snow Days, it will appear 24/7, and people
will see the ad and know about the event. People that read us daily will see it daily and it reinforces
the event by putting it on people's minds and in their heads.

It's that simple. Advertising brands you and what better place than the Coconut Grove Grapeinve,
which is read by thousands of readers a day, many of them new and unique, who will see your ad!

Plus it wouldn't kill you to support your hometown news source. We support you and the Grove,
why not support us?

All rates and info are here. You can check it out and decide for yourself. Our rates are very reasonable.